Innovative and unique AC/DC power supplies for medical and industrial markets, empowering our customers to change the world.

About Us

Our story began in 2006, with a simple vision to create the world’s smallest configurable power supply.

Today, we offer a full range of innovative power solutions for a broad range of healthcare, industrial and techno logy applications.

From the release of our ground-break in g NEVO+ high density configurable power series to VCCM600, the world’s first conduction cooled modular series, we have proven trustworthy to help our customers stay ahead of their competition.

Our mission has always been to offer our customers a distinct competitive advantage through our commitment to cutting­ edge design, uncompromising quality and expert technical customer support.

Our sales and design teams are headquartered in our ISO9001 approved offices in Dublin, Ireland and consist of creative problem-solvers and dedicated client service professionals working together to exceed customer expectations.

Applications of Vox Power products include critical healthcare devices, automation equipment, laboratory diagnostic equipment, computer and communication equipment, control and measurement equipment.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is ISO9001, 14001 and 13485:2016 (medic al device production) approved and FDA registered. We combine leading manufacturing techniques and processes with the latest equipment to ensure consistent quality. Full traceability is offered, with finished product information link ed back to al l initial raw materials. Our manufacturing capability has passed the most stringent quality and detailed factory audits.

We take social responsibility seriously. We are fully committed to safeguarding our future, understanding that a sustainable world depends on what we do about human rights, the environment and ethical behaviour. We ensure that our suppliers also share our values by conduct in g regular internal audits in-line with IS026000 CSR practices.

We fully comply with the requirements of the REACH and RoHS directives and international regulations for conflict materials. Our declarations are validated by Greensoft Technology.

We are supported by our global distribution network, technically skilled and reputable power supply distributors and please visit to find your nearest power specialist.

First of its kind in the world, the VCCM600 combines the advantages of a modular and configurable power supply with the high reliability of a fan-less architecture. The VCCM600 Medical and industrial series deliver a silent 600 Watts up to 750 Watts of peak power for 5 seconds in a rugged 4″ x 7″ package.

Depending on your application, the VCCM600 could be configured as a conduction, convection or forced air cooled solution. This flexibility allows the unit to be seamlessly integrated across a vast range of applications making it perfect for standardizing your power platform. The unique design approach and heat dissipation techniques allow the unit to be mounted in virtually any orientation giving system designers even more flexibility.

The series is suitable for applications ranging from the most controlled environments to the harshest conditions. Each configured solution can accommodate up to 4 isolated DC output modules and each module utilities 100% SMT components to ensure reliability.

The inovative NEVO+600 configurable power supply series is the smallest in its class, the ultimate power solution for demanding industrial and mediacal applications where size, power density and weight are vital factors. Weighing only 600 grams, the compact 5″ x 3″ 1.61″ package delivers up to 600 Watts, equating to a power density of 25 Watts per cubic inch.

The NEVO+600 input module can accomodate up to four isolated output modules that can be configured into a high power 5″ x 3″ single output power supply or a multiple output power power supply with up to eight isolated output. Standard features include intelligent fan control providing optimised airflow for various load and teparature conditions, wide output voltage adjust capability, parallel and series connection of modules and an isolated 5V 200mA bias supply. A low noise fan option is available for use in even the quitest of environments.

The NEVO+1200 configurable power supply series is the smallest in its class, delivering up to 1200W from a 6″ x 6″ x 1.61″ packge weighing only 1.2kg when fully configured. The ultimate power solution for demanding industrial and medical applications where size, wight, low stnaby power, and primary side inhibit are vital factors.

Each configired NEVO+1200 consists of an input module with up to eight output modules, where any combination of outputs can be fitted to create a power solution with up to sixteen isolated outputs. A low noise fan option is available for use in even the quitest of environments.

Innovative power solutions for a broad range of healthcare, industrial and technology applications.
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