First of its kind in the world, the VCCM600 combines the advantages of a modular and configurable power supply with the high reliability of a fan-less architecture. The VCCM600 Medical and industrial series deliver a silent 600 Watts up to 750 Watts of peak power for 5 seconds in a rugged 4″ x 7″ package.

Depending on your application, the VCCM600 could be configured as a conduction, convection or forced air cooled solution. This flexibility allows the unit to be seamlessly integrated across a vast range of applications making it perfect for standardizing your power platform. The unique design approach and heat dissipation techniques allow the unit to be mounted in virtually any orientation giving system designers even more flexibility.

The series is suitable for applications ranging from the most controlled environments to the harshest conditions. Each configured solution can accommodate up to 4 isolated DC output modules and each module utilities 100% SMT components to ensure reliability.