• Do you have a power supply application that is not easily solved with commodity type AC/DC products?
  • Are you tired of searching through website after website for the perfect power supply that checks all the boxes on your design list?
  • Vox Power simplifies the process and helps tailor custom or value-add designs in minutes, saving you valuable time and accelerating your development:
  • High density 300W, 600W & 1200W Medical & Industrial platforms that squeeze into compact spaces.
  • Tailor-made and fully safety certified power solutions. Voltages are easily adjusted or connected in series OR parallel to achieve your specific requirements.
  • Robust, fan-less, conduction cooled products that ensure highest reliability.
  • Superb EMI performance that helps you pass your system level testing at the lab, the first time!
  • Best in class support technical and commercial support services. Responses in hours, not days.
  • Redundant manufacturing sites in China and Thailand.
  • Our user-friendly website guides you through specifications and application notes. Experience our support and contact us for a technical review of your exact needs.

Discuss my design & save me time.

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Innovative and unique AC/DC power supplies for medical, industrial & technology markets, empowering our customers to change the world.