Vox Power | VCCM600 Output Voltage Adjust Demonstration

When setting the voltage of the output modules, the input power connector must be attached, and the unit must be powered up.

Be careful not to make contact with the input side of the unit from now on as the unit is live. The input side of the unit should be isolated to ensure safe configuration. LED’s will illuminate on the output modules, to show that they are powered up. Set the voltage set points using a calibrated multi meter and potentiometer adjuster.
The use of quick connect terminals and shielded test leads with clips prevents accidental shorting of the module terminals and ensures a good connection.
The adjustment potentiometer on the VCCM600 modules are recessed into the top of the output module casing. Turning the potentiometer clockwise increases the voltage. Turning it anti-clockwise decreases the voltage. For this module and this configuration the voltage is set to 6V dc.
Use the potentiometer adjuster and multimeter to adjust the other modules to the required voltage.
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Please view our demonstration video