NEVO+ Series 300W Dual Slot Output Module Configuration Demonstration

Each Dual Slot A2 and A3 Output Module is capable of delivering 300 Watts of power.  The new modules help to minimise cable and link requirements which leads to simplified construction and a reduction in the overall system cost. This reduction in the number of parts, links and cabling required to achieve the same power levels increases system reliability and reduces application complexity.

Please download the new NEVO+ Series datasheets below:
Output Module A2: 4.5V-15V, 25A, 300W and Output Module A3: 9V-30V, 15A, 300W

Please also view our demonstration video, which demonstrates the procedure required to configure a NEVO1200 unit using these new Dual Slot Modules, However, the same process applies to the NEVO600 unit.


  • Similarly to configuring a NEVO+ unit with single slot modules, begin by removing the front end fan screws, and the chassis screws on each side.
  • Remove the chassis lid screw and the lid.
  • Next insert the required dual slot modules as shown.
  • Remove the screws from the top of the unit. 4 from each dual slot module. It is advised to do this while the output modules are seated into the unit to avoid damaging the pins of the output modules.
  • Replace the chassis lid, the module screws, the chassis screws and the fan screws. Each of the screws must be tightened to 0.5Nm.
  • Setting the voltage of the dual slot Output modules follows the same procedure as with the single OP modules.

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