NEVO+ Series | I2C Interface Connection

NEVO+ AC-DC power series offers a modular and userconfigurable solution for medical and industrial applications where size, weight, and power density matter.  With a variety of rated output modules, adjustable voltage, and the ability to connect in series and parallel, the NEVO+ Series provides unrivalled performance and flexibility.

The I2C interface further increases this flexibility by allowing NEVO+ outputs to be digitally controlled via low cost microcontrollers or computers.  To use the I2C interface, simply connect the I2C cable plug to the J5 socket of the NEVO+ output module, then connect  the I2C interface to your microcontroller via the socket at the bottom of the device.

The I2C interface will convert the digital commands into accurate analog control signals for the NEVO+ output module to provide full voltage and current control of the output.

For details such as memory addresses, voltage and current control equations and more, please refer to the datasheet for the I2C Interface.

I2C Interface Datasheet

View our demonstration video of how to connect the I2C.

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