Fusion Sourcing Group Inc. joins Vox Power’s Sales Rep Network


We are excited to announce that Fusion Sourcing Group, Inc. has joined our network of authorised sales representatives in the USA and have locations in New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.

“Fusion Sourcing Group is a team of highly skilled sales professionals, with extensive power products expertise and knowledge of their local market.  We are confident that their customer base will benefit from this team’s ability to bring differentiated power solutions for demanding and critical applications” says Susan Cervenak, Vox Power’s Director of North American Business

According to Gary Chessen, President of the Fusion Sourcing Group, Inc. “We are very excited to bring the innovative AC/DC power solutions of Vox Power to our customers in the New York through Virginia markets. Vox’ leading edge, high density, modular, configurable power supplies meet the most stringent requirements of a variety of single and multi-output medical, industrial, and other technology applications.  In addition, Vox’ state of the art design provides for unparalleled performance in conduction cooled power supply products.  Since its inception, the Fusion Sourcing Group has prided itself on “Being a Resource” (#BeAResource) and the addition of Vox Power to our line card continues that tradition.  We encourage our customers to choose innovation and choose Vox Power!”

Their contact details are listed below and also on our website contact pages.

Fusion Sourcing Group, Inc
1115 Inman Ave., Suite 316, Edison, NJ 08820
T | +1 908 222 9778
E | vox-power@fusionsourcing.com