The Power of Conduction Cooled Power Supply Solutions

Conduction Cooling is an enabling technology, allowing customers to remove or reduce the need for fan cooling. Fans can significantly decrease system reliability due to their low MTBF.

Conventional power supplies rely on fans to aid cooling but in demanding applications these fans can introduce dust and moisture to the power supply, potentially causing system failures. In difficult to access and critical applications, fan failures or fan related system failures can be costly due to repair, recovery, and suspended operations.

Eliminate these concerns from your design
• Fans inherently reduce system reliability
• Audible noise disrupts work and patient environments
• Fans draw contaminants into sensitive electronics

Vox Power offers market leading fan-less conduction cooled power solutions to eliminate these risks. With both modular and single output solutions in the conduction cooled range, Vox Power is your answer for fan-less conduction cooled power supplies.


300W VCCS300 Single Output Conduction Cooled Power Series

Vox Power’s VCCS300 Conduction Cooled Power Series delivers a silent 300 Watts of continuous output power in a rugged and miniature 4” x 2” x 1.61” package. It is the ultimate power solution for Class I & II applications where rugged reliability, high efficiency, silent operation, and medical BF-rating are important factors.

Power solutions of 300W, 600W, 900W and beyond can be achieved by using the onboard droop current share function, which allows end users to scale up their power requirements or add redundancy depending on their system needs.

The VCCS300 series offers standard output voltages of 12, 15, 24, 28, 36, 48 and 56VDC. Non-standard and value-add solutions are also available which allows customers to choose any output voltage from 12V to 58V, saving system designers valuable time and cost.
Medical equipment designers will note that VCCS300 power series is BF-rated, feature Class I & II isolation and are approved to medical equipment standards including IEC/UL60601-1 Edition 3.1. and IEC/UL60601-1-2 Edition 4 (EMC). Typical medical applications include ventilators, respirators, endoscopes, lab equipment, dental systems, and mobile applications.

The VCCS300 series achieves very high efficiencies up to 95%, are compliant with many military shock and vibration standards, are Semi-F47 compliant, best-in-class EMC performance, low no-load power consumption and come with a standard 5-year warranty.
View the latest demonstration video showing the advanced features of the VCCS300 Series, download the latest product datasheets and documentation at


600W VCCM600 Modular Conduction Cooled Power Series

Vox Power’s VCCM600 conduction cooled configurable power supply series combines the advantages of a modular power supply with the high reliability of a fan-less architecture and offers unrivalled performance and flexibility. The VCCM600 series delivers a silent 600 Watts, and up to 750 Watts of peak power for 5 seconds, in a rugged 4” x 7” x 1.61” package. The VCCM600 is the ultimate power solution for demanding medical, industrial, lighting and military applications where reliability, multiple output voltages, user controllable functions and audible noise are of utmost concern.

The VCCM600 series can accommodate up to 4 isolated DC output modules with outputs from 1.5 to 58VDC at 150 Watts per channel. Each output module is produced using 100% SMT components to ensure minimal touch which in turn ensures long term reliability. Each VCCM600 series module can be connected in parallel or series to achieve higher power or voltage levels which can be controlled using the on-board signal functionality. Additional features include a standard 5V/1A bias supply, selective conformal coating, programmable start-up, standby power operation and a standard 5-year warranty.

The VCCM600 series unique design approach and heat dissipation techniques allow the unit to be mounted in virtually any orientation giving system designers greater flexibility. The series is compliant with multiple military shock and vibration standards, complies with Semi-F47 and is still the only modular conduction cooled power solution available in the market.

It is approved to the latest medical and industrial safety standards and features market leading specifications and design in application support. View the latest demonstration video showing the advanced features of the VCCM600 Series and to download product datasheets and documentation at