Its unrivalled 1 low profile, ensures easy integration in virtually any orientation, providing system designers great flexibility and space saving advantages. The series offers a wide DC input range of 33.6-160VDC.

The ultimate power solution for Class I and II applications where rugged reliability, high efficiency, silent operation and medical BF rating are important factors.

Combines the advantages of user-configurable power with high reliability of fan-less architecture. Perfect for demanding applications that is not easily solved with commodity type AC/DC products.

Conduction Cooling is an enabling technology, allowing customers to remove or reduce the need for fan cooling. Fans decrease product reliability with their low MTBF.

Conventional power supplies rely on fans to aid cooling. In demanding applications these fans can introduce dust and moisture to the power supply potentially causing failure to the system. In difficult to access and critical applications, failure can incur high cost through repair, recovery and suspended operations. Vox Power offers market leading fan-less power solutions to eliminate these risks.

   Reduce system maintenance                 Reduce system downtime

  Reduce audible noise

Fan-less solutions eliminates audible noise concerns and perfectly suited to applications where silent operation is important.


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Small. Powerful. Silent.

Fan-less Single Output Conduction Cooled DC/DC Power Series

Fan-less Single Output Conduction Cooled AC/DC Power Series

Modular Conduction Cooled AC/DC Power Series

Innovative and unique AC/DC power supplies for medical, industrial & technology markets, empowering our customers to change the world.